Police Department

The Mount Morrison Marshal’s Office was established in the late 1800’s, as well as it can be determined. The Marshal was responsible for maintaining order, ensuring the property and rights of the citizens were protected and even lighting the town’s gas street lights. The Marshal’s worked through an on call basis solving disputes and enforcing law. He also patrolled the town during special events.

In late 1970’s the town hired its first paid Marshal from the east coast. The new Marshal changed the office from a Marshal’s Office to a Police Department in the late 1980’s. The new police department operated from 8am to 5pm but was on call for the rest of the day. At the time the department operated with only one officer. In the late 90’s the Morrison Police Department went to full time operations 24 hours a day, with one officer per shift and auxiliary officers that assisted with special events.

Today the Morrison Police Department operates with a Police Chief, six full-time officers, six part-time officers working one day a week, and eight reserve officers who volunteer one day a week. All of our officers are now Colorado POST Certified (Police Officer Standards of Training). The Town’s officers handle the same crime as the larger metro agencies. We greet the elementary school aged children every morning as they arrive at our school and walk the downtown area conducting bar and business checks. We assist the Denver Police Department with Red Rocks traffic as it flows through our town during concert events, and work the large events at Bandimere Speedway. Our department is committed to the safety of our residents, businesses and visitors and to also protect the motorists who drive through our historic mountain town.  

Please click this link for historical information of the Marshals and Chiefs that brought law and order to the Town of Morrison.