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Driving too fast on 285 and C470 can be dangerous. Please slow down.

Action Item: March, 2018    (On going)

The Historic Town of Morrison strives to provide a safe and inviting environment for all who live here and those who visit. To that end, the Morrison Police Department has been tasked with enforcing the Town's noise ordinance.

It is the Department’s hope we can work collaboratively with our visitors, asking for their cooperation by idling loud motorcycles and hot rods through town when they visit. If we are unable to garner visitor cooperation, The Police Department will enforce the Town Ordinance by primarily “listening” for excessive noise emitted, then checking for altered exhaust systems or those in violation of EPA standards. The first offence is $200.00, the second offence is $400.00 and a court date.

Please help us, help you enjoy your time in our Town.

Here is a link to Denver 7 news coverage.

Here is a link to Fox 31 news coverage.


In late 2017 our department went through several personnel and administrative changes. Since then, we have been involved in 11 felony drug cases, several domestic violence cases, numerous community contacts and medical assists. We will continue traffic patrol while striving to create a safe community.

Recently we met with citizens of Indian Hills regarding enforcement on Highway 285 to address their concerns regarding what was characterized as a constant speed trap. We shared the idea that CDOT posts the prescribed limits and monitors vehicle traffic counts. After looking at the Colorado Department of Transportation traffic database we want to share the following information:

Total vehicle traffic in 2016:             Northbound 285 between 6 am and 10 am 


                                                    Southbound 285 between 6 am and 10 am


                                                     Northbound 285 between 3 pm and 6 pm


                                                     Southbound 285 between 3 pm and 6pm


On average our department has documented a 6 month average of 6 citations per day in this area on the southbound lanes. During the same time frame the northbound lanes saw an average of 1.8 citations. We are currently participating in the Violation of the Month Program sponsored by Drive Safely Colorado, a initiative to ensure safe roads and safe communities.

Please drive with caution on 285 - we don't want more pictures on the website if we can help it.