Don't worry. It's okay to pet the dinosaurs here. In fact, we encourage it. Along with your expert guide, explore Colorado's fossil life in a comfortable setting. The museum experience is perfect for the "dino-maniacs" in your life, whether they are 3 or 93. If your youngsters are studying natural history in school, the exhibits and guides will answer all of their tough questions and create new ones.

For over a decade the Museum has pioneered challenging, relevant, and interactive programming for all ages and levels of ability. Our School Tours utilize and augment state and federal science standards. The program consists of docent-led discussions and activities and one optional self-led activity. During the tour, students discuss a wide range of locally relevant natural history topics with their guide.

Daily Tours

Daily tours are offered three times daily, a quarter past ten, twelve, and two in the afternoon. These tours are an informal exploration of select museum exhibits and some behind-the-scenes efforts. Nearly every tour is different. Reservations are not required, but we cap the tour at a dozen participants. Daily Tours may be canceled during a school visit. Please refer to the calendar on the homepage for our tour schedule.

School Programs

School programs are guided tours of the MNHM's exhibits that are entwined with State educational standards. Students tour through the museum with a guide and participate in discussions and hands-on activities about the ancient life and landscapes of Colorado's Front Range including recent dinosaur discoveries made by Museum staff. Tours can be customized by request.

Email Natural History Museum or call us at Phone 303-697-1873 to schedule your tour. Come explore with us!