Get up close and personal with life history...

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Our exhibits were designed to be toured with a guide. Many exhibits are hands-on and feature a demonstration. Tours are offered hourly and are complementary with admission.


  • Time Garden - investigate Morrison's geologic setting.
  • Quarry 5 Garden - observe "onsite fieldwork" as preparators probe sandstone boulders for fossils.
  • Jurassic Garden - immerse yourself in a patch of Jurassic flora.
  • Quarry 5 Fossil Dig Pit - children excavate a dinosaur skeleton.
  • Time Trail - A one-mile scenic hike on a groomed trail. Educational signs interpret local geography in light of the rock and fossil record.


  • Ticket Desk and Gift Shop - Purchase tickets. Gift shop features dinosaur-themed toys, apparel, books, and other unique items.
  • Orientation exhibit. "What Lived Here Before Us?" Meet fossil species hail from the Denver area.
  • The Jurassic Morrison exhibits feature rare and unique fossils. Discover the life and landscape of Jurassic Morrison with historical and modern discoveries.
  • Meet Apatosaurus ajax
  • See the remains of the first Stegosaurus fossils
  • Tracking Stegosaurus. Encounter adult and infant stegosaur tracks.


  • The Cretaceous Colorado exhibits demonstrates the scope of life and landscapes in Morrison during the Cretaceous.
  • Encounter the cast skulls of Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus, the skeleton of Utahraptor and more.
  • The Ice Age Survivors exhibit features live reptiles that lived alongside mammoths.
  • Visit the Paleontology Laboratory. See the fossils that the MNHM crew are cleaning for study.