Dig deeper into local paleontology by serving as a Morrison Museum volunteer.

Morrison Natural History Museum is currently seeking dedicated individuals to join our team and assist with various museum operations, including education, paleontology lab work, and collections. As a museum volunteer, you will receive comprehensive training to ensure a meaningful experience for both you and our visitors. We welcome all applicants, whether a retired professional or simply curious, to take advantage of this opportunity and become part of our community. Bilingual speakers of Spanish/English are encouraged to apply. Please click the link to apply and start the conversation. We look forward to meeting you and working together to make a positive impact.

If you are passionate about paleontology or crave a dynamic volunteering experience, please consider joining the Morrison Museum crew. Please consider the timing of your application, as select roles require training that is only offered seasonally.

Benefits of Volunteering at Morrison Natural History Museum

  • Contribute to the community by helping to raise scientific literacy.
  • Participate with cutting edge informal science education.
  • Gain firsthand knowledge of local and regional paleontology and geology.
  • Free training & volunteer enrichment programs.
  • Complimentary museum membership, including a 10% museum shop discount.

Link to active volunteer roles

The recruitment period for volunteers seeking in-depth training and certification begins in late summer and concludes in early spring. During this time, volunteers will be interviewed for available roles such as a exhibit interpreter and work in the paleontology lab. Roles like fossil preparation or museum education requires specialized training resulting in certification.

Applicants may apply by emailing director Matthew T. Mossbrucker. An interview with staff will follow.

Selected applicants will be scheduled for core training. A training schedule will be provided for certification-track roles like exhibit interpretation, fossil preparation, and collections management assistance. 

During the spring and summer months, training is on hiatus due to increased seasonal visitation and field programs. We accept volunteer applications outside of the recruitment season, with roles restricted to core volunteers and the self-guided study for exhibit interpretation.